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1971 Cessna 172L

C-172L Restoration
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BeforeDisassembly startsWings removedFloats removedEngine removed for OHEngine disassemblyPanel - beforeInterior removedPaint removing starts on strutsPaint strippedMore paint removingPaint stripping wingsPaint stripping wingsWings strippedHorton STOL kit installedWings paintedBefore - Fuselage paint removalFuselage paint removal in processFuselage primedDoor jams with a fresh coat of paintAll new windows installedFreshly painted struts, aileron, flapsFuselage base coat New plastic interior parts being installedNew plastic interior parts being installedNew door panelsFresh OH engine assemblyOH'd engine hungRepainted propFresh coat of paint on the floatsNew paint on floatsNew paint on floatsTail assemblyNew interior piecesNew interior pieces