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"King Cub" wins Greenville, ME takeoff competition
H.O. Aircraft flew the "King Cub" to Greenville, ME to compete in the International Seaplane Fly-In Associations take-off competition the weekend of Sept 11-12th, 2010.  Competing in Class 7 (the amphibious aircraft 150-230 hp category), the "King Cub" took first-place in an impressive performance! 

Click here to see results of the competition.
Note:  There was a clerical error made in the results chart.  See note at the bottom of chart.

Click here to see video of the "King Cub" at the competition.
STC received for MT Reversing Prop
H.O. Aircraft has just received STC approval from the FAA for the installation of the Reversing propeller for its Piper PA-18 Super Cub IO-390 engine conversion.  This STC allows for the installation of the reversible MT MTV-15-B-C-R(M)/CR210-58 two-bladed hydraulic constant speed propeller.  The reversing prop is popular among seaplane operators as it offers better maneuverability.

STC received for Champion / Bellanca / American Champion model 7ECA aircraft
Supplemental Type Certification (STC) approval has just been awarded to H.O. Aircraft for the installation of the Lycoming O-320-A2B 150 hp engine on any model year Champion/Bellanca/American Champion model 7ECA aircraft. This 150 hp option offers 7ECA owners a significant performance improvement over the original Continental O-200, 100 hp and Lycoming O-235, 108 hp and 115 hp  options.
STC approval granted for Piper PA-18 & PA-12 Toe Brake kit
H.O. Aircraft has received STC approval for the installation of a toe operated braking system in the Piper PA-18 & PA-12 series aircraft.  The system utilizes modern piston-type master cylinders w/ built in reservoirs along with Oilite sleeve bearings to provide smooth, effortless motion.  The braking system offers enough strength to stop and hold the larger horse-powered PA-18's & 12's  during high power run-ups and even those equipped with amphibious floats.

The toe brake system is ideally installed at the time of restoration when the fabric is off the aircraft, but can be installed on flying aircraft.  Give us a call today for complete kit pricing. 

Click here to see photos of an installed system.
Staggerwing G17S wins award at 2012 Airventure
Congratulations to Eric Hertz of Auckland, New Zealand for taking home the Antique-WWII Era Champion-Bronze Lindy Award for his G17S Staggerwing at this years Oshkosh Airshow!  H.O. Aircraft completed a ground up restoration on the G17S this spring.  Now that she has returned from the show, she will be containerized and shipped over to New Zealand to meet up with her owner again!
Click here to see photos of the restoration.