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Piper PA-18 Super Cub IO-390 STC
210 hp Conversion - The Ultimate Super Cub Upgrade!

The IO-390 conversion is by far the highest performing Standard Category Super Cub upgrade available.
The "King Cub" IO-390 Conversion kit contains:
The "King Cub" is now STC APPROVED!
If your looking for performance, the "King Cub" has got it! 
It renders the 180 hp conversion obsolete!

We are excited to bring this new upgrade to the market for Super Cub owners! 

If your Cub is getting close to needing an OH, or you are in the market for a new Super Cub, give us a call today to discuss your options!  We can do:

- Complete aircraft builds
- FWF Installs on your existing aircraft
- Or, buy our kit and have your A&P install it for you

We welcome your call to discuss your options:
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COMPARE: Lycoming IO-390, 210 hp vs Lycoming O-360, 180 hp
Much smoother operation - Feels like a turbine with the roller tappets and cam and counterweighted crankshaft.
Fast, powerful, with very little weight sacrifice over 180 hp engine - Compare engine weights:
Lyc. IO-390, 210 hp.......................................308 lbs.
Lyc. O-360 "A" series, 180 hp........................285 - 301 lbs. *
Lyc. O-360 "C" series, 180 hp........................285 - 290 lbs. *
Fuel Injection allows for better fuel economy than 180 hp engines
Fuel burn almost identical to O-360, 180 hp engines @ the same hp output:
%hphpGPH     %hphpGPH
60   1268.7       70  1268.8
68   144      10.2       80  144      11.7
77          162      11.8                      90          162      13.2
85          180      14.4                      100        180      14.9
90          190      15.3                      N/A        N/A      N/A
95          200      16.0                      N/A        N/A      N/A
100        210      16.9                      N/A        N/A      N/A
        IO-390                                           O-360          
* All data from the Lycoming Operators Manual for the IO-390 series engine and the O-360-A-C-F-G      series engines.
Faster cruise speed - 115 mph TAS @ 25 square
Amazingly shorter takeoff distance
Takeoff distance, ground roll.................75 ft.
Takeoff distance, 50 ft. obstacle...........225 ft.
Much better float performance - Climbs at 1000 fpm
  (tested on Wipline 2100 amphib floats)
Increase aircraft's value - A factory new or rebuilt engine combined with a horsepower increase offers a significant increase in the aircraft's value
(Click above to watch the AMAZING performance of the "KING CUB" at the 2010 Greenville, ME International Seaplane Fly-In)
* Engine weights may vary according to specific engine model

Lycoming IO-390-A1B6 engine
MT MTV-15-B/210-58 Constant speed, composite propeller, 82.7" diameter
NEW! STC Approved MT MTV-15-B-C-R(M)/CR210-58 Reverse prop now an option
MT Prop Governor, P-860-3
MT Spinner, P-277-6
New dynafocal engine mount - w/ new Lord mount bushings
New Weldon electric fuel boost pump
All new engine baffles to fit the IO-390 / Piper combination
Two new oil coolers
New lightweight alternator
New lightweight starter
New SlickStart Magneto Booster system (req. as the IO-390 does not come w/ impulse couplers)
All new exhaust system
New nose bowl and complete cowling assembly
New Alternate Air Box
New Brackett Air Filter assembly and element
All new control cables and brackets (Throttle, Mixture, Prop Governor, Alternate Air)
All new fuel lines, hoses and hardware for fuel system assembly
All new oil lines, hoses and hardware for oil cooler plumbing and ducting
New placard set
Other miscellaneous hardware necessary for the conversion
All STC paperwork

Sell your existing FWF components - This is a complete kit!
Required Items - To see a list of items that are required in order to install the conversion click here (PDF)
Lycoming IO-390 Spec sheet - To see a detailed spec sheet of the IO-390 engine click here (PDF)