H.O. Aircraft, Inc.
Specializing in Antique & Warbird Aircraft Restoration
Here is just a sampling of some of our restorations
1936 Stinson 6000A Tri-Motor
This aircraft was delivered needing a complete restoration. A new tube frame was fabricated from scratch because of corrosion and cracks in the original. The sheet metal was replaced with new pieces formed on our englishwheel. Click here to see photos of the restoration.

1931 Stinson 6000B Tri-Motor
At one point this aircraft had been metalized. We removed all the metal and completely recovered with fabric as it was originally manufactured. Click here to see photos of the restoration.
Boeing Stearman's
1946 North American T6
After sitting in a farm field for over 40 years this aircraft came to us needing quite the makeover. Click here for photos of the restoration.

We have restored and repaired countless Piper's from J-3's thru Super Cub's. We can handle anything from tube frame repairs to a total ground up restoration. We also have several STC's for the PA-18/PA-12 series aircraft. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer looking Piper once we get done with it! Click below to see some of our Piper restorations.

Piper Tube & Fabric Aircraft
More Examples
Here are some others: (Click on each to see photos)

1947 Beech Staggerwing G17S
After this G17S's complete restoration, it was a 2012 Oshkosh Award Winner! 
Click here to see photos of its extensive restoration.
Cessna Single-Engine Piston
Glasair Static Display
We turned this Glasair into a static display that our customer wanted to suspend from the entryway in his business! Click here to see photos.
One of our favorites to restore! We have restored several award-winning Stearman's.  We know them inside and out.  Click below to see photos of some we have restored.