H.O. Aircraft, Inc.
Specializing in Antique & Warbird Aircraft Restorations
Sheet Metal Fabrication/Metal Forming
Below are examples of the types of sheet metal fabrication/metal forming
work we have done in the past.

Re-Skinning a Cessna 180
Fabrication of an oil tank
C-180 left-side
C-180 right side
We fabricated and welded these Stinson Tri-Motor 6000A oil tanks out of aluminum because the originals were unservicable and of course unavailable.

Bump Cowl
Wheel Pant
Waco YMF Bump Cowl and Wheel Pant rebuilt after a ground loop.
Bump cowl & wheel pant rebuilt
Engine Nacelle
Wing Root Fairing
These are part of a Stinson Tri-Motor 6000A and were hand
formed on our English Wheel.

More metal forming work
Fabrication of Waco 10 cowl
We formed this cowl using our English Wheel and the original factory
drawings. Underneath the cowling is an OX-5 water-cooled V8 engine
(Click on photos to enlarge)