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1947 Beech Staggerwing G17S
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1947 Beech Staggerwing G17S
After spending much of its life here in Minnesota, this rare 'G' model Staggerwing was recently sold to a new owner in New Zealand.  Before preparing her for shipment to her new home, the owner wants us to give her some new fabric with a fresh coat of paint.  Her new owner is excited to show her off over the skies of New Zealand!
Beech G17SDisassembly process startedRemoving wingsWings removedFabric removed from wingRepairing wing ribsHorizontal after being sanded down and varnishedCovering horizontalRudder - cleaned & primed, ready for coverRudder - coveredWing coveringUpper RH, horizontal & rudder primedRepairing aileronsFresh coat of varnish on repaired aileronsCovering aileronsHorizontal paintedCovering elevatorsPainted elevators & aileronsVertical - ready for coverVertical coveredUpper RH wing - fabric coveringLower LH wing leading edge repairLower LH repairLower LH fabric coveringLower LH & vertical primedUpper RH wing paintedRemoving old fabric from fuselageOld fabric being removed from fuselageOriginal radio rack installedoriginal radOriginal radio wiringOriginal radio rack removedGetting cleaned and ready for recoverOld grease and grime removed. Getting ready for recover.'I' strut recoveredBondo work