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Building Aircraft Specific To You

Experimental Aircraft Builder Assistance

Regardless if you are starting from scratch or need help with the build along the way, we are able to help. We have built multiple experimental (and rebuilt certified) aircraft from scratch. Our specialty is Vans, Cubs, Glastars and more. You tell us what you need, we will help build it. And we will assist with paperwork/documentation along the way. We ensure your build will be in the air ASAP.

Builder Assist: About

Our Capabilities

4000 sq ft Hangar Workshop

Located in Anoka, MN (KANE), our large hangar supports aircraft from airliner to single-seaters.

Experimental Aircraft Ready

We can help support the build of a variety of experimental aircraft including Vans, Sport Cubs, Glastars and more. Having built many aircraft from scratch, we are ready to support your build. It doesn't matter if it is still on the pallet, or needing a final coat a paint, we can assist.

Supporting All Build Materials

We can assist your build at any stage, including constructing airframes, wings and any other parts both structural and non-structural. We are experts in composites, metal, wood and fabric.

Paint Booth

We have a dedicated 800 sq ft paint booth that can be used to spray any aircraft component. We can also build custom booths for larger aircraft. We can assist with livery designs as well.

Avionics Lab

Our avionics department and on-site avionics lab can create any panel arrangement for your custom-built aircraft. From steam to full glass, we can support. We are distributors for many leading avionics brands including Garmin, Dynon, Aspen and more.

Parts Shop

We work on a variety of aircraft, and we keep our shelves fully stocked as a result. Our parts team ensure regular stock of common necessities as well as rare specialties.


Once the build is complete, we will handle paperwork. inspections, registration, flight testing and more.

Image by Ben Klewais
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