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Complete Restorations, Builder Assist, Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance

Our Services

Complete Restorations

H.O. Aircraft was founded to restore antique aircraft. While our services have expanded since then, our commitment to restoring antique, warbird and rare aircraft hasn't. Let us know your plans and we will take care of your restoration plans.

Experimental Aircraft Builder Assistance

In addition to complete aircraft restorations, our other passion is building/re-building experimental and certified aircraft. We can help with a complete custom build or assist with pieces of a bigger project. Our common builder assists include Piper Cubs, Vans, and more.

Maintenance and Repair

H.O. Aircraft is FAA-certified for maintenance and repair of experimental and certified aircraft. Our facility and engineers service all engine types, trained in composite, metal and wood airframes, extensive experience within avionics, ability to assist with fabric/paint, and many more. Whether it’s an annual inspection, simple maintenance or complex repair, we can help.

Avionics, Electronics & Upgrades

H.O. Aircraft is a supplier and approved to provide various upgrades for certified and experimental aircraft. From digital avionic panels, legacy steam guages, new lighting, props and even complete engine replacements, we can upgrade your aircraft. We have even developed (and received STC) for multiple upgrades including our award-winning IO-390 Super Cub (King Cub) upgrade kit.

Paint, Fabric & Fabrication

Having restored aircraft dug-up from a frozen Alaskan lake, our facility is built to provide any level of restore, service or project. We provide custom fabrication for wood, composite and metal structures. Our facility includes a custom-built paint booth and our team are experts in fabric works + livery designs.

Aviation Products

We are a certified distributor for a wide variety of aircraft equipment and have designed and manufactured a variety of custom avionic products (and received STC-approval).

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