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Paint, Fabric & Fabrication

Building and restoring aircraft has required us to become experts in paint, fabric and fabrication. From single seaters to restored airliners, we can assist.

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Our Capabilities


Our 800 sq ft dedicated paint booth and spray team are ready to accept small and large jobs. We have even built custom booths to support larger airliners. Our paint jobs and designs have won numerous awards.


While less common in experimentals, we restore many aircraft with fabric skins. While delicate, our team is specialty trained for the task. We can complete full reskins or patch work.

Metal Fabrication

We can do anything from simple aluminum re-skinning to making complex compound shapes formed on the Yodderhammer and English Wheel, i.e.:  cowlings and fairings no longer available.

Wood Working

The talents of our wood working shop range from a minor wing repair to a complete set of wings built from new sitka spruce wood.

Airbrushing & Paint Scheme Design

Our airbrush artist is the best around!  Bring us your item and ideas and we'll make it happen!

We can help you design your next paint scheme.  Not sure exactly what you want, or how it will look?  Give us your ideas and we can lay out an initial design.  You tell us what you like or dislike and we can play around with different designs, colors etc until we come up with something you like!

Image by C D-X
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