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Products - STC's & Mods for Sale

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PA-18 Super Cub 210HP IO-390 Conversion STC

A complete conversion kit to convert a Piper Super Cub into our King Cub. Kit features everything necessary to move to an Lycoming IO-390. Available for us to install, a new build or a local A&P.

Piper PA-12 & PA-18 Toe Brake Conversion STC

Converts heel-operated brakes on a Piper PA-18 & PA-12 to toe-operated brakes. These are STC-approved and available for Piper upgrades, new builds or for self-install.


Reversing MT Prop for Cessna Aircraft STC

A complete kit to install a reversing MT 3-bladed prop on multiple Cessna aircraft. STC-approved and excellent for seaplanes to stop short + reverse, plus shorter takeoff, improved rate of climb and increased static thrust.

Piper PA-12 & PA-18 Super Cub Experimental Mods & Accessories

Several experimental products were designed for Piper PA-12 & PA-18 Super Cubs. These are not STC-approved, but offer great experimental upgrades.


Champion, Bellanca, American Champion Model 7ECA Lycoming O-320, 150HP STC

A complete conversion kit to install the Lycoming O-320 150HP engine on any model year Champion, Bellanca, American Champion model 7ECA aircraft. STC-approved and offers a 35-50HP increase over stock engines.

Aviation Distributor

We are a distributor for most aviation products. A sampling includes Garmin, Dynon, MT-propeller, AeroLEDs, Aspen Avionics, Lycoming, Hartzell, JPI, Electronics International and GAMIjectors.

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